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Writing has many benefits for our children. Encouraging handwriting or screenwriting should be one of our priorities. We are going to discuss some of the most important benefits of creative writing. Increase creativity and imagination. Creative writing helps our children put their imaginations to the test. They can write in all kinds of genres and formats such as stories, riddles, poems, tongue twisters or comics. They will be able to express their feelings in them and go to the website to channel their problems and frustrations. Children who write regularly tend to reflect on spelling. Also those with a passion for reading. They tend to see spelling errors more easily and are aware of the importance of correcting them. Although children love fantasy, many of its characters and children’s stories come from the world around them: school, family, friends … Creative writing helps to focus on the problems of others and be more supportive. They often develop empathy for issues they share with other children. If your child likes to write, try to sign up for a creative writing workshop at school, the library or bookstore. You will surely love it! They will learn important writing concepts such as plot, characters, narrative voice, or dialogue. Also at home, you can do activities to promote family writing such as tongue twisters, stories or recipes. The recommended age to start is around 8 and 9 years old when they can write quickly and have acquired more reading skills.

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