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Are you aware if your children understand what they read? If you are not sure about it, you should know that there are ways to check it. And it is that the level of reading comprehension , so important in the development of a person, can be measured and improved through the practice of certain habits. The International Association for the Evaluation of School Performance (IEA), made up of government institutions and agencies belonging to 65 countries, focuses its efforts on testing the effectiveness of current educational systems. One of his most important studies is the PIRLS ( Progress in International Reading Literacy Study ), which, in the line that concerns us, examines with a four-year periodicity, among 9-year-old students, their ability to reflect on written texts and use that information as a tool to achieve your goals. Defined by themselves as “the ability to understand and use the linguistic forms required and/or valued by the individual”, reading comprehension is crucial to internalize brief useful resource and simple readings when the child is young. A fundamental basis for your growing absorbency of textbook teachings as you grow, acquire a sound judgment in interpreting literary works and stay current. Or, in other words, so that he learns to be a future educated and informed adult.

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