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Avoid correcting spelling and writing with long pages: it is not necessary for your child to write the same mistake 20 times, the only thing that achieves this is that the child gets distracted and makes the same mistake again. Two or three times is enough, but the spelling error needs to be corrected immediately. How to improve my child’s spelling? Work daily on the words that are difficult for you: make a didactic board with a mobile alphabet. The blog Parents at School recommends this tactic since it allows the child to practice the words that are difficult for them and thus, through a game, they can learn to write them correctly. It is ideal that every day writes the word that you have just learned, in order to expand your vocabulary. Accompany him in the process: sit down with the child and guide him in the writing process. Motivation is of great importance “Now read it and tell me if you understand”, “well, but we are going to write it differently to make it clearer”, “What do you mean?” This will allow the child to learn to write correctly. You must be consistent with this process because writing requires daily practice and more hints. Basic rules: to ensure that your child writes better, you must start by teaching him how to take the pencil correctly. Set up space so you can write quietly. Come to an agreement, how much time will you spend writing, how many plans will you do, how many stories will you write in the week. Avoid doing it in bed, in the armchair, with the cell phone or television nearby, as this reduces attention and retention of information. Techniques to read faster.

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